Other Services

At RedSand Services we have always marked the objective of satisfying the needs of families in their homes and we know that these are many.

Among other services we have the following at your disposal:

Private teachers / Tutoring

Private teachers for every subject and level. We select the teacher that best suits your needs.


At RedSand Services we want to make your life easier, that is why we offer you our new home laundry and dry cleaning service. And also, cleaning and care of handbags, shoes, garment repairs, cleaning motorcycle helmets …. and much more

Aesthetic services at home

Take the beauty salon to the living room of your house and save yourself from going there. Everything you need for your set-up in your own home

Hairdresser at home

Everything you need and without leaving your home. From a punctual hairdressing and makeup service for weddings or events, to periodic washing and brushing services. Everything tailor-made for you with the greatest comfort and professionalism.

In case there is any service you need and it is not here, please contact us now so we can help you.