The difficulties of reconciling work life and family life, in many occasions, result in seeking for external help to aid us in the daily chores and the daily runnings of our families.

At RedSand Services we know that, either for personal or professional reasons, it is really complicated to plan the moments when we are going to need the support of a nanny and that in many other occasions, we are faced with unforeseen events that require a babysitter. Therefore, we try to provide agile and customized solutions; from school attendance and meals, to night or weekend accompaniments, reaching continuous services over time.

We are aware that child care requires people with experience, full trust and with a special sensitivity, and therefore, we have qualified personnel, guarantees and the appropriate flexibility to adapt to your needs. Contact us and discover how to enjoy the best trusted child care services.

Nannies and babysitters

The care of our baby is one of the aspects in which we become more demanding, due to the vulnerability of children and their special requirements and needs. But, for work or family reasons, we cannot always provide the necessary care and attention needed by the child on our own or neither do we always have relatives on hand to assist us.

Out of the need for well trained, caring nannies and babysitters to aid in childcare, we were born to improve the quality of life of families and in our goal, we could not ignore the care of children. Therefore, at RedSand Services we have worked to select the best babysitters and nannies in your area, to offer you services with maximum security and tranquility. To change diapers, feed, assist, groom, walk and as a complement to the completion of household chores. In the home service company, you will find the best solution for caring for your baby.

Nannies and carers for children

Siblings and grandparents cannot always take care of children and sometimes, we require daily support, a few hours for their assistance.

To accompany the school and after-school activities, to make and give meals, for cleaning, as a company, and even for support in homework at RedSand Services we have your solution.

We adapt to you and your needs and therefore, you just have to call us, explain what your situation is. A personal advisor of RedSand Services will offer you alternatives adapted to your needs and will elaborate a budget to your measure, free and without commitment.

Do not stay without the support in the care of the children that you require in your day to day life.

Babysitters for hours in RedSand Services

We have professional caregivers, who adapt to your schedules and conditions so that you can deal with your day to day, knowing that children are in the best hands.

At RedSand Services, you choose the hours you need, as well as the pending tasks to be performed, when it is a continuous service. Although remember, we want to be your solution at all times and therefore, if you have a specific need, we will tailor a solution that suites you and your family.

You have to know that all of our nannies have gone through thorough personnel selection processes, have experience in the field and their references have been thoroughly tested.

At RedSand Services, we offer you wide guarantees of trust, quality and flexibility in the care of children.

Selection of nannies

In situations in which you need a daily or very constant support from a nanny, and in full days or at long hours, and even a live in, we believe that the ideal alternative is to make a selection of nannies.