If you want to paint your apartment, house or business in Nairobi, we offer a service of professional painters with the highest quality.

Our team of painters, is formed by professionals with more than 10 years of experience, doing all kinds of painting work in real estate; from tempera painting, plastic, decorative, smoothing walls, painting furniture or placing wallpaper.

We paint your house using painting of the best quality and dedicating more care than our competitors to achieve always a perfect result.


Tell us what idea you have for the painting of your home or business.

You simply have to get in touch with our painters by sending us a brief description of the painting work that you want to do in your property and in this way, we can quickly send you a custom paint quotation with the cheapest price on the market.

To do this simply send us your request through our online form, or if you prefer send an email to our address.

In less than 24 hours, our team of painters will study and respond with a free custom paint quotation with the best quality / price ratio of Nairobi and without commitment.


We give importance to a clean and well done job.

For this reason, our team of painters are responsible for carrying out a preliminary work to prepare the property to avoid stains and clean everything once the painting work is finished.

The final satisfaction of the client is always our goal, so the detail and cleanliness are our premises.


How long does it take to paint? Our team of painters usually takes 1 day to paint a floor of up to 70 m2 and about 2 days for floors of up to 100 m2.

When do you start painting? We can usually organize ourselves to start painting in the next 48 hours after the acceptance of the budget.

What paintings do you use? We use high-end paintings of the brand Valentine or similar, which allow us to offer a guarantee in our work.

When do I make the payment? In most of the works, it is paid once the painting is finished, in this way we guarantee full satisfaction.

Should we have something prepared? Our painters are responsible for moving and covering what is necessary to avoid staining. You do not have to worry about anything!