RedSand Services has a network of professional locksmiths in repair and change of locks as well as all locksmith services for your home.

With an agile system to request a free online quote, or an urgent locksmith, we have a network of locksmiths and locksmith companies, which will respond to your needs for repair, installation or change of lock that may occur in your house, apartment or local.

At RedSand Services we have a team of professionals with several years of experience that offers comprehensive locksmith services at very low prices and with an excellent service.

We take care of the opening, maintenance, installation and repair of all types and brands of keys, doors, locks and safes. In addition, we also take care of the installation of armored doors, which adapt to all tastes and needs.

Likewise, at RedSand Services we offer punctuality, quality and professionalism, since, in addition to attending your emergencies at any time of the day, we offer you an exquisite job, because we will always try to fix the locks without breaking them and, in case this is not possible, we will carefully assess the problem to see how we can solve it in the best possible way to avoid causing any kind of mishap.

  • Has the lock on your house door broken and can not enter?
  • Have you lost your car keys and can not access your vehicle?
  • Are you looking for the latest in bolts and doors?
  • Are you looking for Locksmiths in Nairobi?

 At RedSand Services we have the solution to these and many other roblems.