At RedSand Services we are experts in all types of breakdowns and domestic installations, from a simple plug to the installation of a new meters and connections in a building.

You just have to call us and we take care of everything, including the masonry, painting and carpentry you need.

Have always our card handy.

We accept any breakdown or installation no matter how small, if a client needs us we will be there, we will never let you down. Our service is fast, our prices fair and we always advise and solve any doubt you have completely free.

Breakdowns, Repairs and Installations

It is very important to keep your electrical installation in good condition to avoid accidents that can be fatal. In RedSand Services we advise you on how to keep your installation in good condition and if necessary we can partially or totally replace the wiring of your house.

Installations and Lighting

At RedSand Services we have been creating environments in private homes for years simply by changing the lighting.

The new eco-technologies allow a range of possibilities in lighting that we could never have imagined before at affordable prices with a savings in the electricity bill of over 80%. Why pay 100 when you can pay 20 ?.

Call us and a technician will advise you free how to save on the electricity bill.