RedSand Services is a company that offers drivers under demand to drive vehicles that are owned by users who request the service. This opens a new way of moving, comfortable and safely.

Private driver in Nairobi

Move around Nairobi without complications. Moving around the capital without worrying about traffic or parking is possible thanks to the private driver service in Nairobi offered by RedSand Services.

This option to have a private driver (24/7) to take your car is one of the latest services that we wanted to include to facilitate travel around our city.

With RedSand hourly driver service you can comfortably move around the city and get where you want without problems.

This hourly drivers’ rental service allows us to put our vehicle in the hands of a professional who knows the city perfectly and we can move without complications from one point to another.

Exit from the hotel, from your home, take you or pick you up at the train station or the airport … Enjoy the benefits of having a driver for hours in Nairobi without sacrificing the comfort of traveling in your own car.

Discover the advantages of having a private driver per hours in Nairobi

There are hundreds of rental car companies with driver in Nairobi`s market, but what we offer you is completely different. It has nothing to do with it. It is much more practical, comfortable and economical. What we offer you is to pay only for what you need. If you have your car, why not pay only for what you really need? Enjoy the convenience of having your own vehicle you already have at home and hire only the private driver for the hours you need.