Driver services for companies in Nairobi

Do you have a company and need professional drivers but do not want to make the necessary investment? Do you already have a staff of drivers but you want to have any unforeseen covered? Do you offer face-to-face service where the figure of a professional driver could fit?

If the answer to all these questions is YES … in RedSand Services we can help you because we have the service of drivers for companies, which will make you have the services of a professional driver for your company without the costs derived from hiring a worker .

RedSand Services offers a professional chauffeur service to thousands of companies in Nairobi so that you can offer your customers the comfort, security and safety of traveling with an experienced driver behind the wheel.

But what distinguishes our service of drivers for companies in Nairobi?

Unlike other car rental companies with driver or private drivers, we differentiate ourselves in that we drive your own car.

We all know how complicated it is to move from one point to another in a city like Nairobi. No matter how well you know the city, we have the problem of traffic, so variable depending on the time of the day. Not only that, when we finally reach our destination, we also the parking problem. This is the reason why the use of taxis or rental car companies with chauffeur is increasing every day.

But what happens when we are already at our destination? How do we get back if we do not have our car? Or … what happens when we decide to go with our car but then we do not want to return with it for any reason?

The solution to all these problems is called RedSand Services. With us you can count on a professional driver for your company, just for the time you need. It does not matter if it’s days, hours or weeks.