Driver with my car in Nairobi

Finally a company specialized in the road transport of travelers that offers something different. “Driver with my car in Nairobi” is the perfect solution to hundreds of situations that arise on a daily basis…but which have never been solved before. All the advantages of traveling with a professional driver … added to the advantages of doing it in your own car.


In RedSand Services you will find the driver service with your own car in Nairobi, for hours, days, weeks or full time.

Access through our website to a staff of professional drivers that guarantee the quality of a service that can only be described as excellent.

To date, we have already performed services for the main companies in Nairobi, both in the public and private sectors. These is apart from the hundreds of trips we make every week for numerous individuals who, for different reasons, decide to leave their car in our hands when they go out for party nights, to the airport, take their car to the workshop, or simply, go shopping in the centre of our city.

Great for you

Who is it for?
Our driver service to take your car is aimed both at individuals and companies that already have their own fleet of vehicles or that wish to hire the services of our drivers to drive their customers’ cars, as happens with the guests of any event, when they have to return home with their own cars at the end of the act or celebration.

We therefore have as a priority, to give support to both companies and individuals who have the need of a professional driver, both for their own need or to take their car to any place they want to.

At RedSand Services, all our drivers are trained to transport travelers, know the protocol and are properly uniformed.

If you are looking for a service characterized by discretion and good manners that makes each journey perfect, do not hesitate to contact us.

The safety of our drivers service for your vehicle

Only with the best training you reach the level of excellence that we offer.

Therefore, all our drivers are subject to continuous training in driving. That is why they are aware of the latest developments in the automotive industry and the best techniques for precise, efficient driving … but above all, safety.

The training is continuous, since our drivers are aware of the latest automotive news and know all the advances of the market for an accurate and efficient driving.

It does not matter if you are an individual or a company. Whether you need the services of a driver for a scheduled trip, or if the need has arisen in a fortuitous way, in RedSand Services you will find your best ally.

We have the driver you need for your vehicle. A driver who knows the rules regarding passengers, road safety and driver regulation perfectly. Because for us, passenger safety comes first.